3.1 Where you wish to make a Booking you will:
3.1.1 provide honest and accurate Booking
Information; and
3.1.2 pay to us the Deposit via Paypal or bank
3.2 Upon receipt of a Deposit from you the Booking
Dates will be held, and an email confirming the
Booking will be sent to you within 24
3.3 The Deposit is non-refundable and shall be
payable in all cases where the Booking Dates are
more than 4 weeks from the date upon which you
make a Booking.
3.4 Where the Booking Dates are less than 4 weeks
from the date upon which you make a Booking,
the whole Booking Fee will be payable.
3.5 Where the Booking Dates are more than 4 weeks
from the date upon which you make a Booking,
you will pay the Remaining Fee 4 weeks before
the Booking Dates commence. You will be sent a reminder 1 week before the Remaining
Fee becomes due.
3.6 If you fail to pay the Remaining Fee on time, the
Booking will be cancelled and the Deposit will be
3.7 The Booking includes use of the Campervan for
the Booking Dates and:
3.7.1 Daily Mileage Allowance
3.7.2 insurance and breakdown cover
(insurance subject to conditions below);
3.7.3 any extras provided as
standard with any Booking.
3.8 Daily Mileage allowance
3.8.1 The mileage allowance is 200 miles for
each full day of paid booking
3.8.2 The mileage will be recorded at the start
and end of the booking from the
odometer and the Owner will calculate
the total number of miles driven whilst on
3.8.3 If the total mileage exceeds 200 x the
number of full days hired, then the owner
will invoice you for any additional miles
3.8.4 Additional miles will be charged at 20p
per mile
3.8.5 Full price Bookings starting and ending in
High Season or above are excluded and
given unlimited mileage.
3.9 You will be responsible for providing your own
child seats for the Campervan as required.
3.10 On collection day you will:
3.10.1 pay the £500 Refundable Damage Security Deposit via
Paypal or bank transfer
3.10.2 show the Owner your driving licence and
the driving licence of anyone else who
will drive the Campervan during the
Booking and allow a copy to be taken;
3.10.3 if a UK license holder you will provide the
Owner with a DVLA check code to enable
the Owner to check the status of your
driving licence and the driving licence of
anyone else who will drive the Campervan
during the Booking (details on how to
obtain a printed endorsement or a check
code from the DVLA can be found on the
DVLA’s website); and
3.10.4 provide the Owner with proof of your
residential address and allow the Owner
to take a copy. Acceptable proof of
address for the purposes of this clause
3.9.4 will be any of the following which is
dated within 90 days prior to the Booking
Date and has an address which matches
the address of your driving licence:
(a) utility bill;
3 | P a g e
(b) bank statement;
(c) council tax bill
(d) TV/internet/telephone bill; or
(e) credit card bill
3.11 The Security Deposit will be refunded no later than 1 week after safe
return of the Campervan in the same condition as
it was in at the commencement of the Booking
Dates, and with a full tank of fuel.
3.12 You acknowledge and agree that Cross Country Campers can use your personal data to
contact you about your Booking.
3.13 You agree to comply with any policies,
instructions or guidelines provided Cross Country Campers


4.1 Cancellation of the Booking by you at any time
will result in the Deposit being forfeited.
4.2 The Remaining Fee is non-refundable if you
cancel the Booking within 4 weeks of the
commencement of the Booking Dates.
4.3 Where you cancel a Booking more than 4 weeks in
advance of the commencement of the Booking
Dates and have already paid the Booking Fee, Cross Country Campers
 will refund to you such sum which is
equivalent to the Remaining Fee.
4.4 If the Campervan becomes unavailable for the
Booking due to mechanical failure, Cross Country Campers will
use its reasonable endeavours to source a suitable
alternative vehicle. Where no alternative vehicle
can be found, the Booking will be cancelled and
we will issue a full refund of the Booking Fee.
4.5 If the Campervan suffers a mechanical failure
during the Booking which:
4.5.1 cannot be resolved under the breakdown cover in accordance with
clause 6; and
4.5.2 means that you are unable to use the
Campervan for the full Booking Dates
we shall refund you an apportioned sum of the
Booking Fee which will represent those days of
the Booking Dates on which you have been
unable to use the Campervan.


5.1 Insurance cover is in place for the Campervan, the details of which will be
provided in the Booking Confirmation Email
together with criteria which you must meet in
order to be covered by the insurance.
5.2 If you do not meet any of the insurance criteria
you must inform Cross Country Campers as soon
as possible and in any event prior to the Booking
5.3 Where you inform Cross Country Campers of
your failure to meet the criteria in clause 5.1
above, Cross Country Campers will investigate with their
insurer whether you can be covered by their
policy. Any additional insurance cover required
may increase the Booking Fee and in the event
that the Booking Fee does increase, Cross Country Campers
will inform you as soon as possible.
5.4 The insurance excess varies from £750 - £2,000
depending upon the insurer used and the details
of the drivers. The excess amount for the
Booking will be confirmed when the Booking Fee
has been paid, and the Booking Information has
been provided.
5.5 You shall be liable for the insurance excess in the
event of the Campervan being damaged or a
claim being made under the insurance policy in
relation to the Booking.
5.6 You shall be liable for any damage to the
Campervan arising from your negligence or the
negligence of any person who enters the
Campervan with your permission.


6.1 Breakdown cover is provided with the
Campervan, Cross Country Campers will provide the relevant details
to you on collection day.
6.2 Should the Campervan suffer a mechanical failure
during the Booking, and it is not possible for the
Campervan to be fixed at the roadside under the
Cross Country Campers breakdown cover, you will be 
transported back to the normal pick up location
for the Campervan.


7.1 You may request an amendment to the Booking
Dates provided that Cross Country Campers receives such a
request at least 4 weeks before the Booking
7.2 Approval of any request you make under clause
7.1 shall be:
7.2.1 at the discretion of Cross Country Campers
7.2.2 subject to the availability of the
Campervan for the amended dates you
have requested; and
7.2.3 subject to a £30 administration fee.
7.3 Where the Booking Dates are amended in
accordance with this clause 7, Cross Country Campers will
recalculate the Booking Fee and:
7.3.1 where the Booking Fee for the amended
dates is higher than the original dates,
you will pay Cross Country Campers immediately
upon request any additional sum
required; and
7.3.2 where the Booking Fee for the amended
dates is lower than the original dates, Cross Country Campers shall refund to you any
overpayment which has already been
received in respect of the original dates.
Where you have only paid a Deposit when
the amendment to the Booking is
approved, Cross Country Campers will retain the Deposit for
the original booking, and the Remaining
Fee payable by you will be reduced so
that you pay the correct Booking Fee for
the amended booking.


8.1 The Booking Fees shown on Cross Country Campers website
are not binding and are subject to change from
time to time.
8.2 Information shown on Cross Country Campers website is
correct to the best of the companies knowledge, but
we will not be liable for any inaccuracies.
8.3 Cross Country Campers will not be liable for any information
found on a third party website which is not
directly owned or controlled by Cross Country Campers.


9.1 You are not permitted to have any animals in the
Campervan unless the consent of Cross Country Campers has been given in writing.
9.2 Any animal which is permitted in the Campervan
in accordance with clause 9.1 above shall be kept
under control at all times and shall never be left
in the Campervan unsupervised.
9.3 A sum may be deducted from your Security
Deposit if the presence of an animal in the
Campervan results in any damage to the
Campervan or any additional cleaning being


10.1 In the event that you have any complaint about
the Booking or the Campervan you should raise
this direct with Cross Country Campers as soon as possible.
10.2 Cross Country Campers will use their reasonable endeavours
to resolve any issue raised by you as soon as


11.1 You will take responsibility for your own
possessions and shall ensure that they are kept
safely locked in the Campervan during the
Booking. Cross Country Campers accept no
liability for any accident, loss of property or
personal injury suffered by you during the
11.2 Cross Country Campers shall not be liable for any accident,
damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience
which you or any other person may suffer or
incur arising out of, or in any way connected
with the Booking.


12.1 Without limiting our respective other rights or
remedies, Cross Country Campers may terminate the
Booking with immediate effect if you or any of
your party breaches any of these conditions.


13.1 We may transfer our rights and obligations under
these conditions to another organisation. We will
contact you if we plan to do this.
13.2 The Booking is personal to you and you cannot
transfer your rights or your obligations under
these conditions to another person.
13.3 If a court finds part of this contract illegal, the
rest will continue in force. Each of the
paragraphs of these conditions operates
separately. If any court or relevant authority
decided that any of them are unlawful, the
remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and
13.4 Even if we delay in enforcing this contract, we
can still enforce it later. If we do not insist
immediately that you do anything you are
required to do under these conditions, or if we
delay in taking steps against you in respect of
your breaking this contract, that will not mean
that you do not have to do those things and it will
not prevent us taking steps against you at a later
13.5 Nobody other than Cross Country Campers or you
shall have any rights under these conditions. No
other person shall have any rights to enforce any
13.6 These conditions are governed by English law and
you can bring legal proceedings in the English
courts. If you live in Scotland you can bring legal
proceedings in the Scottish or the English courts.
If you live in Northern Ireland you can bring legal
proceedings in either the Northern Irish or the
English courts.






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